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Lots for Sale to the Public

We are pleased to offer lots for sale to the public in Jagare Ridge. Enjoy this rare opportunity to select the home builder of your choice to build your dream home in this prestigious community.

Browse the available lots below by clicking the “view lots” button under each stage. Find your perfect lot and then contact us to inquire.

We hold our builders to the highest architectural standards and will thoroughly vet all builders against our stringent guidelines. Home builders outside of our pre-approved list are required to submit a portfolio of previous estate homes.

Find a Lot

Aspen Range
Starting @ $417,500

Stage 2

Albatross Landing
Starting @ $259,800

Stage 3

Albatross Landing
Starting @ $290,300

Stage 7

Emerald Woods
Starting @ $289,900

Stage 8

Inquire About a Lot

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To complete this form, you will need the name of the builder you would like to use. If the builder is not currently on our approved list, they will be required to submit a portfolio of estate work they have done.

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